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Friends of Georgia from London will be traveling to Georgia.

The Embassy of Georgia to the UK is organising a Diplomatic Trip to Georgia on 5th – 11th May, 2019. 30 prominent guests - acting and former Ambassadors from 8 Countries (Slovenia, Slovakia, Honduras, Uruguay, Costa Rica, Cyprus, Germany, Ecuador); Members of the House of Lords and House of Commons of the UK Parliament; representative of business, academic and religious Christin organizations and their spouses will be travelling from the UK to Georgia.

The Embassy of Georgia was actively working for several months on this project to design comprehensive programme for this visit. Within the Diplomatic Trip the guests will visit different cities, including: Kutaisi, Borjomi, Gori, Akhaltsikhe, Kvareli and Tbilisi and thus, will get acquainted with Georgia’s history, culture and its economic and business opportunities.

The guest will be welcomed by the representatives of the local authorities and visit historic and architectural sights, as well as various enterprises. Namely, the guests will explore the new solar panel plant of German Investment - ‘AE Solar’ in Kutaisi Free Industrial Zone. Whilst in Borjomi, the delegation will visit the legendary Borjomi Mineral Water enterprise and will learn the history of one of the successful Georgian export products.

One of the attractive component of the program is a wine tour in Kakheti with wine and cuisine masterclasses - great opportunity to explore the culture and tradition of the Georgian winemaking.

Our group members, as true friends of Georgia, are well-informed about situation in the country, its impressive achievements and current challenges.

The official part of the Diplomatic Trip includes the visit to the Occupation Line and several high-level meetings, including with the President of Georgia, Minister of Foreign Affairs and His Holiness the Patriarch Ilia II.

This visit is a good example of the Public Diplomacy as well as political support that will further promote Georgia as a popular destination.

The organisational and logistic supporters of the Diplomatic Trip include: Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Georgia, Kutaisi City Hall, Borjomi Municipality, Administration and Municipality of the State Representative of Samtskhe-Javakheti, enterprises - ‘AE Solar’ and ‘IDS Borjomi Georgia’, Georgian wine companies - ‘Iago’s winery’ and ‘Khareba winery’, ‘Georgian Airways’ and ‘Infinity Georgia’.