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On 11 June the Royal Asiatic Society hosted a book launch “The Living Alphabet”.

On 11 June the Royal Asiatic Society hosted a book launch “The Living Alphabet”. The event was co-organised by the Embassy of Georgia and Mrs Tsira Kemularia, representative of Georgian diaspora in the UK and the founder of the special fund to assist with publication of non-fiction literature from Georgian into English.

The book “The Living Alphabet” presents a story of the unique Georgian manuscript, dictionary by Georgian writer and statesman Sulkhan-Saba Orbeliani (1658-1725) which was rewritten at the end of the 18th century by a famous Georgian calligrapher Petre Laradze.

The original manuscript was kept in Mukhranbatoni Palace for many years until it was taken to Paris in the beginning of the 20th century, and then sold to an English dealer. Later it became part of William Edward David Allen’s private collection and finally was purchased by the Lilly Library of the Indiana State University at the Sotheby’s in 1952.

The manuscript was re-discovered by Professor Alexander Mikaberidze of Louisiana University last year who together with the Art Palace Georgia and Mrs Tsira kemularia published this book as a tribute to its original source and Georgian alphabet in general.

The audience at the Royal Asiatic Society heard from Dr Alison Ohta, Director of RAS, HE Tamar Beruchashvili, the ambassador of Georgia to the UK, Mrs Tsira Kemularia and Professor Giorgi Kalandia, Director of the Art Palace Georgia.

The guests had an opportunity to listen to the special video message of Professor Alexander Mikaberidze, the author of the book who talked about the interesting story behind the publication.

British-Georgian Society, Walnut and Spice, Taste of Georgia and FaRiG also contributed to the successful book launch event. The Embassy of Georgia extends its thanks to all the sponsors and partners.