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Statement of the Consular Department on the change of providing consular services

a) Given the increasing number of COVID-19 cases worldwide, Georgia’s diplomatic representations and consular offices abroad will restrict providing on-site services.

Restrictions will not apply to online consular services. For further information on online services, please, see the link at

In cases of emergency, citizens of Georgia will contact the respective embassy or the consulate via phone or e-mail [email protected]; Hot Line: +44 7872 064830)

The rules below will apply if citizens of Georgia are faced with the immediate necessity of visiting the consular office in person:

  • A visiting citizen (except for minors) must appear at the consulate alone, without accompanying persons.
  • A visiting citizen must appear at the consulate exactly at the scheduled time (neither early nor late).
  • A citizen having flu symptoms or having been in contact with coronavirus-infected person must not appear at the consulate.
  • A visiting citizen must wear protective mask and other attributes.
  • A visiting citizen must use disinfectant at the entrance of the consular office.
  • A visiting citizen must avoid direct contact with the consular personnel.
  • A visiting citizen must avoid touching objects other than disinfectants and other service-related items.

b) Citizens of foreign countries will receive their services online.

The Ministry of Foreign Affairs reserves the right to prolong restrictions in the event that the situation deteriorates.